About Nurse

About Nurse

Yessa P. Ortega  is a highly-skilled foot and ankle nurse and has been associated with Dr KP Meda for a long time. She is well-trained, with over 12 years of extensive experience as a registered nurse.

Yessa has been serving as a foot and ankle nurse for the past 5 years with Dr KP Meda since 2018. This has given her a solid foundation in managing patient administration. She is an expert in organising clinics and surgery theatres for patients, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. As part of her duties, Yessa even supervises patients during pre-anaesthesia clinics, performing blood extraction and ECG testing. She is skilled at performing procedures like the cast, splint application, and removal for pre-operative and post-operative patients.

Yessa’s ability to handle administrative tasks and patient care simultaneously highlights her versatility and dedication to her profession. Her contributions play a critical role in lending the patients the support they need throughout their treatment. Yessa’s commitment to her patients and her medical team is truly commendable.

Previously Yessa has worked closely with Emergency Room patients, providing a first-hand response to their needs. As a part of her role, she has closely monitored ER patients and promptly alerted physicians or in-charge nurses about changes in patient status. She has also collaborated with various ER professionals to provide the best possible care to patients with different conditions, including musculoskeletal issues. Yessa possesses detailed experience in performing wound care, staple removal, and suture removal on postoperative patients and has also assisted physicians during orthopaedic procedures. She is a detail-oriented professional, which is evident in her accurate and precise reports, where she records patients’ medical information and vital signs to ensure that they receive the best possible care.


Not to mention, Yessa is efficient and friendly in communicating with patients and their family members during traumatic situations and ensures that they are informed and comforted throughout the process.

Additionally, she helps modify patient treatment plans based on patients’ responses and conditions in order to guide the ongoing treatment course smoothly. Collaboration is a crucial aspect of her work, and she consults with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care plans. Furthermore, she prepares patients for examinations or treatments and ensures that rooms are set up with sterile instruments, equipment, and well-stocked supplies.

Prior to working with Dr KP Meda, she has worked for many renowned doctors, hospitals, and clinics, such as Dr Nicolas and Asp Centre, Nurse-Pearls Polyclinic, Sta. Rita De Baclaran Hospital (Philippines), and Lobo Batangas Municipal Hospital. Besides, to enhance her know-how in the domain, she keeps attending training and seminars related to basic life support, intravenous procedures, and so on.

Coming to education, Yessa P. Ortega, R. N. holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Manila Doctors College, Philippines. She has also completed a Practicum of 2040 total hours of RLE (Related Learning Experience).

Yessa aims to adhere to all medical standards while delivering benevolent services pre and post-surgery. Her excellent therapeutic communication skills, diligence, flexibility, high-spirited nature, and impeccable ability to work under time pressure make patients and their families feel extremely comfortable and at ease.

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