Hammer Toe Treatment in Dubai

What are these deformities?

hammer toe treatment in Dubai

The lesser toes (2,3,4,5 toes) can develop a number of abnormal appearances and positions. Toes have one big joint and 2 small joints. The tendon balance on these joints can become abnormal, leading to changes in the shape of the toes. Depending upon which joint is mainly affected, a specific deformity occurs. Alternatively, the joints can become arthritic and weak, causing the toe to deform.

What problems do these deformities cause?

When the toe is in an abnormal position, this can cause pain and callosities (hard skin) due to rubbing. This rubbing can occur on top of the toe where it rubs on shoes or between the toes. The pressure can occur at the tip of the toe, where it hits hard on the floor. The abnormal position of the toe can cause pressure problems under the ball of the foot, called metatarsalgia.


Symptoms of Hammer Toe

Following are some of the common symptoms of Hammer Toe:

  • A stiff toe joint
  • Pain at the top of your bent toe
  • Pain in the ball of your foot
  • Calluses and corns on the top of your joint
  • Redness, inflammation, or a burning sensation
  • Your toe joint’s motion is restricted or painful
  • Swollen toe joint

Hammer Toe treatment in Dubai

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Some of the changes can be caused by ill-fitting tight shoes leading to toe deformities. A change of shoes with a wide and soft toe box should be tried. A silicone sleeve can be worn over the toe to prevent rubbing, or using a soft silicone pad under the toe to alleviate the pressure onto the floor.

If the above simple methods do not help the pain, then a small operation to straighten the toe is considered. Depending upon what and where the deformity is, a specific operation is given. It usually needs straightening and stiffening of a small joint along with balancing the tendons around the toes. You will often have a smooth pin down the toe to hold it straight while it is healing. The pin is removed in the outpatient department between 4-6 weeks.

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