What is Sesamoiditis ?

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Sesamoids are small bones found within tendons when they crossover a joint. The big toe has two sesamoids. These cushions the joint when you walk and increase the power of the toe movements. The sesamoids can have a fracture and can cause pain in ball of foot. These small bones can lose blood supply and become soft and fragment within. This can lead to arthritis in the joints.

How do they present?

Patients complain of pain on prolonged standing or running. The joint can swell after activity and throb.

How are they diagnosed?

Podiatrist in Dubai takes a detailed history and examines your foot. Tenderness under the sesamoids is checked. Special view x-rays are done to look at the small bones. You might need an MRI or a bone scan to establish the inflammation or loss of blood supply.

sesamoid bone foot pain treatment

How is sesamoid bone foot pain treatment done?

Initially, we advise activity and shoe modifications, a custom-made insole with a sesamoidal cut-out will help to offload the painful area. If it is showing arthritic changes, a cortisone steroid injection is given. If all these treatments fail, an arthroscopic debridement or partial removal of the painful bone is done.

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Dr KP Meda is an orthopaedic consultant specializing in foot and ankle surgery. He begins all treatments with non-surgical methods. He recommends surgical treatment only when other options don’t help. He thoroughly explains all the surgical procedures to the patient during the consenting process. Dr Meda ensures that his patients receive excellent postoperative pain management and mobility instruction and they are well aware of the timetables for their recovery.

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