Accessory Navicular

Accessory Navicular in Dubai

What is inner prominent foot bone?

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All the bones form when you are a baby. But in some cases, all bones do not form completely and remain separate from the main bone. In 10% of children, a small portion of the navicular bone is separate and this separate part is called accessory navicular. It is not big enough to cause pain in most cases. But in some cases, it does. 

Initially, the doctor recommends conservative treatment approaches, but if the inner foot bone distorts and causes pain and walking discomfort, our orthopaedic surgeon in Dubai may recommend bone surgery.

What symptoms are present in children?

  • Parents may notice an extra lump of bone on the inside of the foot. 
  • This prominent bone can rub in shoes to cause pain around the area after activity.
  • These children have flattened arches on their feet and complain of tired feet. 
  • Children may complain of sprained ankles or feet leading to pain.

How are they diagnosed?

Your doctor or a Chiropodist will take a history and examine your feet. You will have x-rays done.

How are they treated?

The majority of the pain subsides with rest and activity modifications. A good custom-made supportive insoles are given. A short period of aircast walker is helpful. If the pain continues, the foot and ankle surgeon in Dubai calls for surgery. The painful accessory bone is removed, and the posterior tibial tendon that attaches to this bone is tightened.

If a flat foot is significant other bony corrective surgery of calcaneus is added.

If your child also has walking difficulty or pain issues in feet, consult our best foot and ankle surgeon in Dubai, Dr KP Meda, to discuss the most appropriate foot treatment for your child.

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