Hallux Rigidus

Hallux Rigidus in Dubai

What is Hallux Rigidus ?

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Hallux Rigidus means a stiff big toe joint. It is caused by 

  • Generalised wear and tear in that joint surface over time. 
  • It runs in families and has a genetic predisposition. 
  • It can follow a previous injury to the joint. 
  • A previous gouty attack can lead to arthritis.

The toe arthritis may cause stiff and painful toes making it difficult to wear shoes. Therefore, the doctor may recommend toe motion exercises. However, if the pain and discomfort increase, the doctor may recommend a big toe arthritis surgery in Dubai.


What symptoms are present?

You may complain of pain with activities like walking and running around the joint. The joint will be swollen, and a bony bump may develop, causing tightness in a closed shoe. In addition, you will notice stiffness in the great toe joint and an inability to bend it up and down.


How will your doctor diagnose Hallux Rigidus?

Dr. KP Meda, will take a detailed history, examine your foot, and check for tenderness, bony spurs and limitation of movements. Typically, a plain X-ray of the foot is diagnostic, which will show the hallmarks of arthritis, including the loss of joint space as the cartilage has worn thin, Bone spurs are seen on the top and around the joint. In early arthritis, an MRI might be needed to check the cartilage changes.

What are the treatment options for Hallux Rigidus arthritis treatment in Dubai?

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Typically, the Hallux Rigidus arthritis treatment in Dubai would begin with anti-inflammatory tablets to control the pain and swelling. In addition, special shoes (a rocker type of sole) that reduce the amount of bend in the toe during walking will help the symptoms. 

An injection of cortisone into the joint may temporarily relieve pain for 3-6 months.


When is big toe arthritis surgery in Dubai considered?

Surgery is indicated if the tablets and injections do not give enough relief. A joint clearance operation called’ Cheilectomy’ is recommended if the condition is early and movements are reasonably preserved. In this operation, the impinging sharp osteophytes are removed. Sometimes realigning one of the small bones (Moberg osteotomy) can redirect less useful downward movement to upward functional movement.

Many surgeons favour arthrodesis, or fusion, of the big toe MTP joint. In this procedure, the joint surfaces are removed and fixed with plates and screws. This operation stops all joint movements permanently and relieves pain for a lifetime.

A joint replacement joint is recommended if movements are to be preserved. But this operation usually works for around 10 years and needs further operations. Long-term data is still awaited. 

You may book an appointment with Dr KP Meda to discuss arthritis in the big toe and ask about possible arthritis treatment in Dubai. Dr KP Meda is a podiatrist in Dubai with a successful record of foot treatment and big toe arthritis surgery in Dubai.


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